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In the summer of 1990, back then, DJ T. A. Rysk was a DJ in New York City and around London, England. In clubs like Webster Hall, Spires, The Hippodrone, Bagley's Canvas, Club 101, Ministry of Sounds, Zap Club in Brighton, helping out people at various events through out the UK

Since 2008 eFFECTSrUS has been serving Thief Presents Shows as a exclusive addition to it's oil wheel projected events: Thiefs Den (Proof Bar, Santa Ana, CA), MELT (at the Hand Bag Factory Los Angeles), Psychotropic Summer 1 & 2, also a co-supported (Moon Block Partys) Desert Daze Music Festival (Dillon's Roadhouse, Desert Hot Springs, CA)

In 2011 Rysk & DJ Tehk of Counter Weyght Attractions started Up Lighting Express, a group of light designers who specialized in large up lighted shows (Weddings, Quinceañeras, Sweet 16, Festivals & Corporate Events). eFFECTSrUS's next big project is to have started the Luxatorium a Multi-Sensory Room (Free to the Public with a clinician present). So that Autistic to Alzheimer patients can be helped in the rebuilding of neroplasticity. Also benefiting other physical & cognitive disabilities. Also aiding in a calming effect with persons known to have post traumatic stress disorder.